Donald Trump is Democracy

Given my neoreactionary sympathies, I am not usually one to sing the praises of Democracy.  However, Trump is an example of Democracy as it was supposed to work in theory.

I agree with many of Trump’s detractors, that he is probably not the most principled man.  While I believe that much of his concern for making America great again is genuine, I think self aggrandizement is always his primary goal.  The thing is, that’s exactly what our government was designed to work with.  For good or ill, our entire government was designed to make individual officials self interest serve the common good, hence checks and balances, divided government, etc.

Now of course, that system has been completely co-opted; instead of trying to please voters, modern politicians try to flatter the ideology of the media they depend on for publicity while stealthy advancing the interests of their donors.  At the same time, I believe that many modern politicians are true believers, and genuinely try to appeal to the ideals that they believe voters should have.

Trump of course, being wealthy, famous, and above all pragmatic has no need to appease the media or donors.  So instead, the does the unthinkable and advocates exactly the policies that middle class White American voters want, and the polls show how rewarding that strategy has been.

Trump is the first time we’ve seen Democracy* working as intended in this country for a very long time.  If you hate Trump, then you hate democracy, and you hate American middle-class white men by extension.  Ah, but I guess we already knew that.


*In fairness, I should note that Sanders is also an unprecedentedly Democratic candidate, though obviously appealing to a different voter base.

Donald Trump is Democracy

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