The Alpha Male: Improved thought Experiment.

A noted master of the dark arts recently posted the following thought experiment.

Which man is envied by more men and desired by more women?

a. The childless player who has a history of bedding beautiful, unencumbered women and is currently in a relationship with a pretty girl on the Pill, a relationship which he seasons every so often with side flings.


b. The low class oaf who has five children with two different land whales.

Now of course, our esteemed purveyor of blasphemous thoughts intends to persuade his readers that reproduction does not define an alpha male as part of his noble campaign against marriage.  But that’s an artificially limited choice.  How about option c?

c.  A successful father of five whose gracefully aging wife turns a blind eye to his occasional flings with young waitresses and secretaries.

Why do so many PUA’s pretend this option doesn’t exist?  Because the possibility of living a fulfilling traditional lifestyle with occasional infidelities for variety would undermine their cougar mimicking lifestyle?

The Alpha Male: Improved thought Experiment.

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