“Gun Owners” are pathetic.

Old “conservatives” who think Richard Nixon was a disgrace and Ronald Reagan was the best president ever, and that they’re just gonna rack their shotguns and “scare off the bad guys.”  A gun is not a magical talisman that protects you because there’s a sheet of paper that says you own it.  It doesn’t matter how many guns you have in your safe, how many do you have in your hand, or on your person right now?  The alleged right wing gets so caught up in defending the features they can get when they participate in the Keynesian-Economics-Approved activity of purchasing new guns for their collection and practically ignore the right the Constitution gives them to bear (Not Own, Bear) arms.  Because carrying and training to fight with (no, shooting at the range doesn’t count) a gun on a daily basis is inconvenient, and it might offend somebody, whereas showing off your $2000 .45 ACP discharging piece of jewelry at the range is fun.

Don’t be a gun owner.  Be a gun bearer.  Regardless of whether your sheriff’s department will give you a permit.

Don’t hope you’d be able to kill somebody if your children’s lives depended on it.  Hope some degenerate gives you an airtight legal justification to become an unokais.

“Gun Owners” are pathetic.

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