Greater Betas and Lesser Alphas: More than just a matter of notch count.

One of the most influential theories about the economics of the sexual marketplace places all males on a continuum defined by notch count.  (Roissy, 2007)  A man with a certain notch count is beta, add a few more and he’s a greater beta, a few more and he’s a lesser alpha and so on.  While this system works for the most part, the idea that that the difference between greater betas and lesser alphas is notch count misses some very important differences between the two.  Obviously Alphas score enormous notch counts, betas score few, and omegas score virtually none.  But between the alphas and betas there are two very distinct classes of men who do well, if not astronomically so, with women, greater betas and lesser alphas.

Betas are boring men who play by all the rules.  Greater Betas are men who play by the rules and win.  While they may put women on pedestals, and don’t give off the slightest hint of danger, they still have undeniable status.  They are usually well to do, or at least have a respected position. They are likely also tall and/or good looking and are probably even quite socially adept.  Because of these things they have plenty of very attractive women willing to date them.  However, these women will use sex as a bargaining chip, expecting gifts, dates, vacations, etc, and they will not be shy about demanding marriage.  In fact, they’ll probably want to pick their own engagement ring.

Lesser Alphas in contrast are men who play by their own rules.  (Full on Alphas don’t play by their own rules they write The Rules.)  These men are masters of their own destiny, but this mastery has so far gotten them a job as a bartender/bouncer/drug-dealer, a motorcycle and a shitty apartment (if that).  They have an attitude that a woman can’t help but be attracted to in person, but as soon as she leaves his compelling presence she starts thinking, “Why am I with this guy?  All my friends think he’s no good.  Maybe I should date that doctor with the Porche that my friends like.”  Lesser alphas usually get plenty of sex, although the women they sleep with aren’t guaranteed to be of the highest caliber.

Two men might have each slept with twenty women, but a few questions will show that they have very different profiles.

Does he date very attractive women, but often end up getting cheated on?  Greater Beta.  (Women rarely cheat on Lesser Alphas because if another man beats him at his own game (sex appeal) she has no reason not to just leave him outright since that’s his only real strength.)

Are women happy to be taken to his penthouse?  Greater Beta.

Are women happy to be taken to his shitty apartment/car’s hood/mom’s basement/favorite patch of road/ her boyfriend’s bed?  Lesser alpha

Has he ever had a girl sleep with him but not want to acknowledge him in public?  Lesser Alpha

Does he mooch off recently divorced cougars he’s banging for a couple months before dumping them for some girl he met at a high school house party?  Lesser Alpha

Does he next cougars because he’s sick of them pretending they only put out after three dates?  Greater Beta

Does he refuse to give cougars the time of day because he’s got plenty of younger women to choose from?  Alpha

Does he try get into a relationship with a cougar only to be met with scorn?  Beta

Greater Betas and Lesser Alphas: More than just a matter of notch count.

The Alpha Male: Improved thought Experiment.

A noted master of the dark arts recently posted the following thought experiment.

Which man is envied by more men and desired by more women?

a. The childless player who has a history of bedding beautiful, unencumbered women and is currently in a relationship with a pretty girl on the Pill, a relationship which he seasons every so often with side flings.


b. The low class oaf who has five children with two different land whales.

Now of course, our esteemed purveyor of blasphemous thoughts intends to persuade his readers that reproduction does not define an alpha male as part of his noble campaign against marriage.  But that’s an artificially limited choice.  How about option c?

c.  A successful father of five whose gracefully aging wife turns a blind eye to his occasional flings with young waitresses and secretaries.

Why do so many PUA’s pretend this option doesn’t exist?  Because the possibility of living a fulfilling traditional lifestyle with occasional infidelities for variety would undermine their cougar mimicking lifestyle?

The Alpha Male: Improved thought Experiment.

“Gun Owners” are pathetic.

Old “conservatives” who think Richard Nixon was a disgrace and Ronald Reagan was the best president ever, and that they’re just gonna rack their shotguns and “scare off the bad guys.”  A gun is not a magical talisman that protects you because there’s a sheet of paper that says you own it.  It doesn’t matter how many guns you have in your safe, how many do you have in your hand, or on your person right now?  The alleged right wing gets so caught up in defending the features they can get when they participate in the Keynesian-Economics-Approved activity of purchasing new guns for their collection and practically ignore the right the Constitution gives them to bear (Not Own, Bear) arms.  Because carrying and training to fight with (no, shooting at the range doesn’t count) a gun on a daily basis is inconvenient, and it might offend somebody, whereas showing off your $2000 .45 ACP discharging piece of jewelry at the range is fun.

Don’t be a gun owner.  Be a gun bearer.  Regardless of whether your sheriff’s department will give you a permit.

Don’t hope you’d be able to kill somebody if your children’s lives depended on it.  Hope some degenerate gives you an airtight legal justification to become an unokais.

“Gun Owners” are pathetic.